Remove labels this Ramadhan | شوف الناس بقلبك في رمضان

As a society, we tend to judge people within the first seven seconds of meeting them — it’s human nature. We judge people based on the clothing they’re wearing, the body modifications they have, the way they talk, and so much more.

We may try not to judge people, but we’re constantly assessing people by their appearance whether we realize it or not.

In an attempt to get this message across, Coca-Cola has created a powerful campaign titled “Remove The Labels.” They had six men sit around a table, and have a meal in the dark. The men conversed with each other, each one revealing a few details about themselves.

After someone would mention one of their hobbies, the other men would try to guess what he looked like — all of their guesses were wrong. Once the lights came on and they saw who they were talking to, their reactions were hilarious. Labels are for cans, not people!

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